Units of Temperature Measurement

In this post, we shall look into the various common units of temperature measurement. Earlier, we had learnt about the importance of Outside Air Temperature measurement in aviation


There are three common units of temperature measurement which are Centigrade, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. Centigrade or Celsius scale is based on freezing and boiling points of water which is taken as 0 and 100 degrees respectively. The range of temperatures between the freezing and boiling points of water are divided into 100 parts. Each part is called as 1 degree.


When you take any fluid and cool it down the amount of heat present in the fluid keeds reducing. A point would be reached when the heat available in the fluid is almost zero. At this point we would not be able to take any heat out of the fluid. This point is called as Absolute Zero.

Kelvin Scale starts from Absolute Zero where no heat is present in the system. This condition is found at -273 degree Centigrade. Conversion of Centigrade to Kelvin can be done using a formulae.

  • 1 Deg Kelvin = Degree Centigrade + 273
  • 1 Deg Centigrade = 273 Deg Kelvin
  • 1 Deg Kelvin = – 273 Deg Centigrade

In this post, we have learnt about the units of temperature measurement, let us look at the basic thermometer or the Direct Reading Thermometer in our next lesson.