Calculation of Static Air Temperature

In the previous lesson, we had understood about the terms used in temperature measurement. In this post, let us learn to calculate the Static Air Temperature from the Observed Temperature.


  • Measured Ram Rise = Total Ram Rise x Recovery Factor
  • Measured temperature = Actual Temperature + Measured Ram Rise
  • Ram Air Temperature = Static Air Temperature + Measured Ram Rise
  • IOAT = COAT + Measured Ram Rise


  • Rapid formula for use in air is Ram Rise = (TAS /100)2
  • Accurate formula recommended in exams is
    • SAT = RAT / (1 + 0.2 x Recovery Factor x Mach Number Squared)
    • (Recovery factor would be provided in aircraft’s operation manual)
  • Calculation by CX2 or CX3 (Recommended in exams)
  • Look up in the Air data correction tables for the type of aircraft
  • Automatic computation by Air data computer (ADC)

in this post we have discussed the various means of calculating the Static Air Temperature. In our next lesson let us look at an example of SAT calculation.