Career Aptitude Test

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The choice of careers is quite confusing in today’s world – Let’s simplify it for you.

Understanding your personality would help you in taking an informed decision on joining the armed forces.

This is a simple non-critical personality assessment questionnaire. By non-critical, we mean to say that we are not going to find any faults in your personality. It is designed for you to understand your own personality profile, which would be quite useful in your SSB (Services Selection Board).

This quiz has just a few easily understandable sets of questions, without any psychological jargon. The questions follow one another, in the sense that, the second set of questions, is based on your answers to the first question.

They have been designed to elicit the personality traits in an easy and understandable format. The results are also straight forward, designed to provide an idea of your personality profile. Based on the results, you would be able to introspect and take a suitable career decision.

Share it with your friends - They would thank you