Personality Type – Coordinator

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Coordinators like you have an interest in enterprising careers involving persuading people to take actions. You might also find your calling in investigative careers which involves a lot of introspection research and analysis.

Welcome to your world of Coordinators

By nature, coordinators like you have an inbuilt strategic intelligence, which means intelligence to foresee what would happen in a distant future. Coordinators like you are interested in improving the efficiency of systems by the optimum utilisation of resources rather than fire-fighting. You take a long term views of things and believe in effective action. As a contemplative person, you would question everything and take advice with a pinch of salt.

Services Selection Board (SSB) recommends candidates based on their suitability to undergo military training for becoming a commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. Coordinators like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Basic personality of a Coordinator

As a friend, coordinators like you would be totally entertaining and full of energy which infuses enthusiasm in your circle of friends. When you are with your group of friends, you would charm them with your witty remarks and gregarious attitude. You are a wonderful conversationalist and like to discuss about futuristic issues.

In social surroundings, coordinators like you interact with a diverse range of people. Coordinators are constantly on the lookout for new things to try or experiment. Generally you have a high level of respect for people who challenge your views and would argue persuasively. In short, coordinators like you are quite knowledgeable and enjoy confrontation rather than submission.

Initial years of a Coordinator

As a learner, coordinators would be the ones to enjoy competition, debate, and analysis. You like to understand complex theories and are good at reasoning about abstract concepts. You are quick to grasp new ideas in a learning environment where your intellect would be fully utilised. However, you dislike routines or deadlines provided by others. Memorising facts and figures are also not your cup of tea and would be unhappy if you are forced to remember details.

As a student, coordinators have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and enjoy reading, analysing as well as exchanging ideas. You can be only convinced by solid reasoning and nothing else. You are motivated by achievement and would be able to perform quite well in a variety of challenging areas of study. In your group, you would prefer to have students who are independent and result oriented.

Working style of Coordinators

At work, your solutions would be designed to set right systems enabling permanent cure to systemic problems. Your restless mind is always engaged in probing an occurrence or analysing an incident in order to avoid its recurrence. Your personality profile indicates that you are likely to be interested in almost everything. At times, you may get bored due to lack of variety and innovation at work.

In your workplace, coordinators like you do not believe in doing everything yourself. Coordinators like to delegate work and monitor their performance. Improving the efficiency of systems by utilising available resources is your natural work preference. In other words, you are always on the lookout for resources and think of ways to utilise them better. You have an inbuilt ability to think rationally and arrive at the most efficient way of organising things.

As an employee, coordinators like you would be energetic as long as you are convinced about the task. You really enjoy being looked upon as clever and imaginative. You are quite curious and would work to understand a project better than for just material gains like pay or perks. You would normally have strong opinions on the way things are done. At times, you would not hesitate to express your displeasure, if something is not right. Coordinators like you have a fantastic ability to improvise and think on your feet.

As a boss, coordinators like you would be brutally honest, direct and straightforward while dealing with your subordinates. While playing the role of a boss, you would always like to be in charge and dislike unwarranted advice. As a boss, you would not hesitate to set clear goals and provide an overall direction. In fact, you might become impatient or bored when you are not in charge.

Career Preferences of Coordinators

Preferred careers are those in which you are required to co-ordinate various types of people with diverse backgrounds. You are an excellent person to marshal resources that includes men and material in order to ensure task completion. You firmly believe that procedures are made only to work efficiently and needs to be set aside if they do not serve the purpose.

Coordinator – Understand your Career in the Defence Forces

Suitability for Military Career

Coordinators like you are naturally suited for a career in the armed forces in a lot of aspects. Your strategic intelligence helps you in thinking long term and planning for eventualities. You would provide your group the required confidence and insight to take on long term projects.

Effectiveness of defence forces is dependent on perfect coordination within its various arms and services. Coordinators like you are best suited to direct various arms of defence forces and are therefore best suited to take on senior leadership positions.

As dynamic officers, your troops would look upon you to provide the required directions even under state of confusion during times of war. Your colleagues and brother officers would love to be part of your team for your cheerful attitude and verbosity.

Challenges in Military Career

Like any other personality profile coordinators would also face certain challenges in a military career. Since you tend to think long term, it would be slightly difficult for you to obey orders without application of mind. This could put your career under cloud while undergoing training as well as in your formative stages of your career.

The experimenting nature of coordinators would at times give an impression of a person inclines to take unnecessary risks. Sometimes, your personality could also be seen as a maverick who does not adhere to standard operating procedures. You need to curb your tendency to sideline standard operating procedures without prior permission,

One of the defining qualities of coordinators like you is the tendency to be brutally honest in your speech. At times, this could lead to bad blood with your collogues and seniors alike. The men you command would also remain reserved in your company and would not open up easily.

SSB Recommendation – Coordinator

In order to get recommended by SSB, you should understand the military training requirements as well as your personality profile. Thereafter, you need to prove to the selectors that you can live up to the required standards of military training.

Recommendation by the Services Selection Board (SSB) is a combination of two factors. The first one is by highlighting your strengths and achievements. The second one is your ability to understand your weak points and manage to keep those under control.

Assessors at the SSB expect you to be aware of your weak areas and the efforts you have taken to overcome them. For a Group Testing Officer, Psychologist or an Interviewing Officer just means that although you have some negative qualities, you are aware of them and have the ability to keep them under control.

Do you feel that your personality matches that of a Coordinator?

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