Career Type – Investigative Career

Investigative or Thinking careers

Investigative or thinking careers involve a lot of theory, research, and intellectual inquiry. To put it in other words, thinking careers involve working with ideas and concepts, something which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Generally, you would find a lot of thinking careers in science, technology, research and academics. Most of the thinking careers are done indoors in laboratories or using computers.

The key attributes of thinking careers involve researching, experimenting, theorizing, analyzing, and problem-solving. As the name suggests, investigative careers involve investigating things and solving complex problems and exploring new ideas. Investigative careers involve working in solititude in order to stay focussed and analyze data to formulate ideas rather than working with people.

Aptitude and Attitude

The core qualities required for investigative careers are those involve logical understanding and segmentation. These careers require independence and intellectual mind dealing with activities which do not produce instant results. Thinking careers need strong analytical ability, be observant, curious and inquisitive.

The skill sets required for investigative careers include abstract thinking, inquisitiveness, analytical ability and intellectual mindset. Investigative careers require typical skills to understand and solve science and math problems. Investigative careers also require the ability to organize, analyze, interpret data, ideas or theories.

Personality Profile

The personality traits of people who prefer investigative careers are those endowed with intellectual curiosity along with a highly analytical mind of scholarly disposition. A basic interest in conducting research, uncovering facts and establishing theories are essential for sucess in investigative careers.

Common leisure activities of people inclined towards investigative careers are like reading scientific or technical magazines avoiding reading fiction or entertainment activities. You may be inclined towards investigative careers if you enjoy scientific, mathematical, and intellectual pursuits. Use of computers and doing complex calculations in subjects like astronomy may appeal to people inclined towards investigative careers. You may be inclined towards investigative careers if your lesuire activities include solving crossword puzzles or playing board games.

Occupational Areas

Occupational areas where you can find investigative careers are in the fields of biology, chemistry or physics. Computer programmers, computer engineers, physicians, pharmacist, psychologist, veterinarian or technical writer may fall under the category of thinking and investigative careers.

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