Career Type – Enterprising Career

Enterprising or Persuading Careers

Enterprising or persuading careers revolve around the interest and ability to influence people and their actions. These persuading careers involve leading and motivating teams to achieve the group aims. Persuaders like working in positions of power to influence decisions and bring projects to their logical conclusion. You would find plenty of enterprising careers in fields of business, management, sales or politics.

The key attributes of persuading careers are those like selling, motivating or managing people. Enterprising careers requires of you to enjoy business activities and dealing with strangers with plenty of self-confidence. A great deal of energy, assertiveness and persuasiveness are required to be sucessful in enterprising careers.

Aptitude and Attitude

The core qualities required to succeed in enterprising careers are the ability to take initiative and influence others. These careers also need people to take risks and lead teams to achieve success. These enterprising careers are best suited for ambitious, assertive and energetic persons.

The skill sets required for persuading careers include verbal skills which are very essential to carry out tasks involving and persuading people. Typical skillset required for enterprising careers are directing, managing, supervising, selling, persuading as well as the ability to seek new business opportunities. Persuading jobs by their very nature require you to enjoy selling things, promoting ideas and influencing people.

Personality Profile

Personality traits required for enterprising careers are that of a requirement to achieve status and prestige in their occupation. Highly competitive people who are willing to take risks are best suitable for enterprising careers. These careers involve initiating new projects and require an ability to convincing others to jump on board. If you enjoy working with people rather than data or ideas you may consider taking up enterprising careers.

Common Leisure Activities of people who are suitable for enterprising careers are those like discussing politics, reading business journals or operating a home business. Other leisure activities of people interested in enterprising careers may also include debating or bargaining.

Occupational Areas

Occupational Areas where you can find enterprising careers are in business management, sales or in the political fields. People who like enterprising careers generally avoid working alone or focusing on intellectual pursuits or doing complex calculations in scientific and mathematical sciences.

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