Personality Type – Activist

Activists like you have an interest and enjoy social careers since they are helpful to the society at large. You may also be happy in enterprising careers which involve persuading people. In general, you like to be independent of excessive restrictions and would be happy in careers where you can set your own yardstick.

Welcome to your world of Activists

By nature, Activists like you are motivated in careers, where you feel that your job would help and serve humanity. Activists are a born diplomats, with an ability to convince people to fight for a greater purpose. Activists like you tend to be extremely naturally friendly and outgoing people. More importantly, you are eternal well-wishers and wish to see good things happening to everyone around you.

Services Selection Board (SSB) selects candidates for the post of Commissioned Officers in the armed forces, based on their suitability to undergo military training in Military Training Establishments. Activists like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you are able to highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Personality Profile of an Activist

As a friend, activists like you have an infectious enthusiasm and an excellent sense of humour, making you quite a charming personality. Your friends would see you as an exuberant and enthusiastic person most of the times. This makes activists to acquire a wide circle of friends. You would be extremely generous with your friends making you quite popular. You like to turn every activity into a fun filled one for everyone. Activists like you display a genuine interest in welfare of others which makes you a loyal and dependable friend.

In social surroundings, activists like you would be pretty lively, outgoing and spontaneous in your interactions. Your highest priority in life is to improve the ethical and moral values of people. You are blessed with a powerful personality as well as a fantastic power of expression which would immensely help in your task. When you speak, your words would inspire action and charges up your audience to fight for a righteous cause.

Initial years of Activists

As a learner, activists like you look out for imaginative ways to do things using your creative outlook. Therefore, you prefer loose and unstructured learning environments, which gives you the freedom to be creative. Activists like you are often multi talented personalities which could at times even result in difficulty in narrowing your focus. While learning any art, you are quite orderly and goal oriented. You would work hard to achieve your ideals and therefore expect the same from others.

As a student, activists like you would be quick to grasp various possibilities and are stimulated by new ideas. However, before learning, you need to be told as to why you are learning something. Selection of subjects would include abstract concepts like philosophy, since you can understand the usefulness of abstract concepts. Activists would also be happy to interact with other creative students in a harmonious environment. More often than not, activists like you would be seen as the centre of attention of any group because of your deep personal involvement.

Working style of Activists

At work, activists are a humane and sympathetic to others in both thoughts as well as actions. Activists like you have a well developed insight into personalities, helping you in being diplomatic while dealing with people. You would be able to naturally take control of almost any group of people, with extraordinary amount of confidence and creativity. In your work life, you are most likely to take up at least one important cause and fight for it with an exceptional level of conviction.

In your place of work, activists have a rich imagination and an active mind, generating new ideas. You try to maintain cordial relations with everyone thereby creating a harmonious environment. You would like to engage in a wide range of activities without time pressure and tight deadlines. You would enthusiastically initiate lots of projects and can even lose the sense of time. At times, you may be deeply engrossed in your work that you may forget to even eat or sleep.

As an employee, activists like you would be flexible with a willingness to adapt to colleagues as well as the task. Spontaneous type of working style appeals to you and would feel restricted by strict set of rules and regulations. You would enjoy taking up new and mentally challenging tasks. However, you are quite sensitive and would want to be reassured continuously by praise and appreciation. Generally, you are happy to follow rules as long as they don’t conflict with the interest of people.

As a boss, activists like you are quite perceptive about what is going on in the minds of your team members. That makes you quite skillful in dealing with conflict situations. Being an articulate and an excellent communicator, you would be good at motivating your team. Activists like you try to maintain a cooperative and harmonious atmosphere within your group.

Career Preferences of Activists

Preferred careers for activists are those which require you to impart moral values to group of people. Examples of such careers are those related to handling early education or mentoring young professionals. In fact, lots of young people would be benefitted by having you as their mentor. You have the capability to lead any section of society by the strength of your personality by being a natural political or religious leader.

Do you feel that your Personality matches the description of an Activist?

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