Career Type – Social Career

Social or Helping Careers

Social or helping careers require on a unique mindset of helping people and enriching others lives. These helping type of careers involve assisting, teaching, coaching, and serving other people. Helpers like to work in co-operative environments to improve the lives of others.

The key attributes of social careers involve providing service and are generally advisory in nature. The attributes of these careers are an ability to teach, assist and counsel people. Social careers involve close interpersonal relationships like teaching children or helping the downtrodden to solve social problems. In general, social careers deal with human welfare and personal issues.

Aptitude and Attitude

The core qualities required for social jobs are the ability to empathise and connect with people. People who aspire to take up social careers need to be compassionate, patient, helpful and friendly with others. Social careers are suitable for friendly, outgoing, and understanding people. These helpful careers involve high levels of personal interaction. You should be interested in dealing with people in order to take up and enjoy social careers.

The skill sets required for social careers are unique like the ability to interact at a personal level and mediate disputes in professions like counselling. Social careers do not have much need to deal with machines tools or involving extensive intellectual or physical work. Typical social occupations include careers like nursing, teaching or counselling. Social careers have low requirement to deal with data or building and repairing physical things using physical activity.

Personality Profile

Personality traits of people who are likely to be inclined towards social careers is personal interaction. Ability to plan and supervise group activities or the skill sets required to help people with problems like mediating disputes are essential attributes to take up social careers.

Common leisure activities of people who may like social careers are those like volunteering for social action groups or caring for children, pets or any other cause. A highly sociable disposition like interaction in functions or parties is common of people who enjoy taking up social or helping careers.

Occupational Areas

Occupational areas of social careers can be found in certain industries where the prime motive is not profit but welfare of others. You could find a lot of social careers in fields of health care, social service, counseling, human resources and personal care.

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