Speed Wavelength and Frequency

In this lesson, we shall understand the relationship between the Speed, Wavelength and Frequency of Electro-Magnetic waves. We had learnt about the terms associated with Sine waveform in our earlier post.

Speed of EM waves is equal to the speed of light which is constant in vacuum. Speed of a wave is the distance travelled by an EM wave in one second. You can easily say that the speed of EM wave is a product of its wave length and frequency. The speed varies with the density of the medium over which the wave is travelling.

Frequency, wave length and speed of radio wave are inter related with each other. Speed of EM waves in meters per sec is equal to its frequency in hertz multiplied by its wavelength in meters.


Frequency can be expressed as Hertz, Kilohertz, Megahertz and Gigahertz

  • 1 KILO HERTZ = 1000 HZ = 103 HERTZ
  • 1 MEGA HERTZ = 1000 K HZ= 106 HERTZ
  • 1 GIGAHERTZ = 1000 M HZ= 109 HERTZ

Based on the Frequency and Wavelength of radio waves they are classified into various Radio Frequency Bands. That would be our subject of discussion in our next post.