Accuracy of Graticule

In this lesson, we shall look at the manner in which the graticule can be represented depending on the required level of accuracy. In our earlier post, we had discussed regarding the change in latitude and then the change in longitude while flying from one place to another.

A combination of Latitude and Longitude is used to define a specific position without ambiguity. Depending on the accuracy required, different types of co-ordinates are used. A degree of arc is the fundamental unit of angular measurement. One degree corresponds to 1/360 part of circumference of a circle.

If you do not want much of an accuracy, you can refer to a position by just Degrees and Minutes like North 53 Degrees and 21 Minutes. In order to be more accurate, there are two ways of referring to a position. One way is to refer position by Decimals of Minutes like 53 Degrees, 21.3 Minutes. Alternately, we can refer to position by Degrees Minutes and Seconds like 53 Degrees, 21 Minutes and 17 Seconds.

Till now we have discussed about the basics of General Air Navigation and the manner of representing graticule with the required level of accuracy. In our next lesson, let us concentrate on understanding about Great Circle Tracks.