Career Type – Realistic Career

Realistic or Building Careers

Realistic or building careers revolve around the use of tools, machines, or other types of physically skillful activities. Building careers can also be considered to be skillful work, like performing a surgery or piloting a sports aeroplane. Realistic careers involves use of bodily movements like in the case of a sports player.

The key attributes of realistic careers revolves around practical and traditional objects which you can see and touch. Realistic careers involve working with tools, operating machines or raising animals. Generally these careers are mechanically inclined and realistic objects found in outdoors or outside the office environments.

Aptitude and Attitude

The core quality required for being sucessful in realistic careers is the ability to take immediate actions and reacting to emergencies. those of building or repairing using machines and tools. These careers revolve around practicality and productivity using physical skills. Realistic careers have a low level of involvement in work that involves close interpersonal relationships.

The skill sets required for building careers include concrete problem solving using tools and machinery rather than dealing with people, abstract ideas or data analysis. Building type of careers are those which involve occupations producing tangible results. Realistic careers require low levels of public speaking or participation in social, cultural and aesthetic activities.

Personality Profile

The personality traits of people who prefer building careers are those who focus on realistic objects or mechanically inclined thinkers. In order to be sucessful in realistic careers you should have an interest as well as an ability to build, repair, operate machinery in order to solve concrete problems.

Common leisure activities of people intersted in realistic careers would probably involve building, repairing, gardening or other craft work. Realistic careers are also suitable for those who enjoy playing sports or outdoor recreational activities. Realistic careers will suit those who have an inclination towards cars, motor sports, boats, mechanics, home improvement, camping or hunting.

Occupational Areas

Occupational areas where you can find realistic careers are in outdoor activities like law enforcement, military, and athletics or those which deal with forestry or agriculture. You can also find realistic or building careers in mechanical, construction and manufacturing industries. Adventure activities like riding or racing or roller coasters or sky diving also can be considered realistic careers. Most of the trades like carpentery, electrician, mechanics or plumbers can be classified as realistic careers.

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