Career Type – Conventional Career

Conventional or Organising Careers

Conventional or organising careers revolve around the ability to be methodical, consistent and precise in day to day activities. Organizing careers involve accuracy in managing information and processes consistently. Structured environments which enable task completion with precision and accuracy are essential for conventional careers. Plenty of conventional careers could be found in administration, accounting and office management.

The key attributes of conventional careers revolves around dealing with structured data and material things rather than people. Organising careers involve working with paper and computer based aspects of a business such as finance, record keeping or data processing.

Aptitude and Attitude

The core qualities required of people taking up organizing careers are that of clarity, precision an an eye for details. Conventional careers require methodical, conscientious and an efficient working style. Rules and regulations form the bedrock of conventional careers hence you need to be a stickler for rules.

The skill sets required for sucess in organising careers are generally the ability to work with numbers and process information with accuracy. High levels of organizing ability and business writing skills would also be an asset for organising careers.

Personality Profile

Personality traits required to take up organising careers are that of being conservative and thorough in day to day routine activities. These conventional careers are best suited only for orderly, precise and detail-oriented persons. People who set high standards for themselves with respect to accuracy and attention to details may be attracted towards these organising careers.

Common lesuire activities of people who are attracted towards conventional careers are those like collecting stamps, coins or other artefacts which require routine day to day activity. Other leisure activities could include activities like managing personal finances, collecting memorabilia or writing family history.

Occupational Areas

Occupational areas in conventional careers would be generally in accounting, banking and finance. Conventional careers are unsuitable for people who are ambiguous or have a preference for unstructured activities. Company secretaries, business administration or insurance underwriters are common examples of conventional careers.

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