Career Type – Artistic Career

Artistic or Creative Careers

Artistic or creative careers involve a unique mindset of creating something new which may be an art work or fresh designs. Creative careers could be found in poetry or other occupations involving language and expression like in the case of creative writing. Creative careers are abundantly found in fields of art, design, performance, music, writing, and languages.

The key attributes of artistic careers involve originality of ideas and freedom to think afresh. Most of the creative careers require freedom to work at an own space and require unstructured environments to thrive. Therefore, these careers depend on individuality and flexibility provided in the specific industry.

Aptitude and Attitude

The core qualities required for being sucessful in these careers are aesthetic tastes and originality of creation. These careers are loosely structured and are non-repetitive in nature. By nature, these careers revolve around ideas and people rather than data or objects or material things. In order to be sucessful in artistic careers, you have to be creative and imaginative. Artistic careers are never boring since they bring about variety and change almost every day and with every new project.

The skills sets required for creative careers would include an extensive use of their imagination and originality. Artistic careers may also include designing new products or creating radically different things using highly developed intuition. Artists also would be seen having a great talent of self-expression and artistic abilities in writing, drama, music or artwork.

Personality Profile

Personality traits of people who prefer creative careers revolve around independence and imagination. They need to have an intuitive and sensitive mind along with a spontaneous power of expression in either art form. Artistic careers require originality, which is generally found in fiercely independent people with a strong desire to express themselves creatively.

Common Leisure Activities of people inclined towards artistic careers would mostly include drawing, painting, creative writing or photography. If you are inclined towards artistic careers, you would also enjoy playing musical instruments, attending concerts and visiting theatre or art exhibits. Artistic careers are suitable for people who value aesthetics and enjoy creative activities such as art, drama, writing, dance and music. You may also enjoy reading fiction, plays or poetry.

Occupational Areas

Occupational areas in artistic careers would include musicians, artists, graphic artists, advertising, design, writers or editors. Creative careers rarely have repetitive or highly structured tasks and have lesser requirement to process information or working with numbers. You could find creative careers in creative arts, media and broadcasting fields.

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