Personality Type – Supervisor

Supervisors like you have an interest in conventional careers which require a high level of organisation and methodical way of functioning. Alternately, you may consider realistic careers which revolve around buildings or property related matters.

Welcome to your world of Supervisors

By nature, supervisors like you are methodical with a keen sense of observation about material things as well as social surroundings. You firmly believe in the importance of rules and procedures and follow them like god’s own word. In addition, supervisors like you would also ensure that procedural violations by others are promptly detected and corrected. You are quite outspoken about your observations and do not mind stepping on other’s shoes to implement rules.

Services Selection Board (SSB) recommends candidates based on their suitability to undergo military training for becoming a commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. Supervisors like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Basic personality of a Supervisor

As a friend, supervisors like you display high levels of concern about the material welfare of your friends, family and society. Supervisors have a strong need to get a feeling of safety. You would therefore try to find security in accumulating material wealth like property. Your actions are not based on self-interest, but an outcome of a general interest in the well being of your friends and family as well.

In social surroundings, supervisors like you are quite friendly, outgoing and willing to talk about any subject. At times, you may be straight forward and blunt in your language. Since you enjoy spending time with your friends, you would have a busy social life. Supervisors like you have a high regard for social standards and would speak out if they are lowered. You have a strong inclination to be in the limelight and look forward to appreciation for your activities.

Initial years of Supervisors

As a learner, supervisors like to understand based on factual information rather than theory or abstract concepts. You like to learn in a well structured and orderly learning environment. Supervisors like you study and learn in order to achieve a clear goal like grade or marks. Your choice of subjects are those with practical application in day to day life.

As a student, supervisors like you would like to interact with others and discuss ideas. You would work really hard and complete your assignments well ahead of time in a methodical manner. You are conscientious and hard working which makes you a blue eyed student of your teachers. Supervisors like you have a high regard for the regulations and traditions followed in your institution.

Working style of Supervisors

At work, supervisor’s natural pattern is to direct and dictate other’s activities for the welfare of everyone. Supervisors like you firmly believe that optimum performance could be achieved only by close supervision. As a general rule your personality profile would be highly appreciated in almost every organisation. Supervisors like you would normally consider entertainment activities only after completion of duties.

In your place of work, supervisors like you would be highly responsible, organised and thorough in your activities. You’d like to have a fixed routine both for yourself as well as for others. All organisations would love to have people like you at every level to perform supervisory activities ensuring smooth functioning. At times you would be able to sense inconsistency in rules but would like to modify them only after procedural changes.

As an employee, supervisors would be happy in a stable and predictable environment Supervisors like to work in large and well known organisations with a wide variety of people. Supervisors like you would demonstrate your competency time and again through dedicated efforts and perfect follow through. In your view, you consider standard operating procedures as if they are set in stone that should not be violated under any circumstances.

As a boss, organisational requirements would always supersede personal needs of your subordinates every time. Generally, supervisors would have a tendency to be impatient with those who don’t abide by the rules even if they meet their objectives. More than task accomplishment, you expect your subordinates to pay attention to details and stick to the laid down plan of action as well as reporting formats.

Career Preferences of Supervisors

Preferred careers for supervisors are those where you would be in charge with clearly defined responsibilities. Supervisors like you value stable careers with a clearly predictable growth in material terms like pay and perks. Careers in general administration and security which requires prompt detection and correction procedural violations are best suited for your personality profile.

Do you feel that your personality matches that of a Supervisor?

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