Personality Type – Performer

Performers like you have an interest in enterprising careers which involve persuading people to achieve the organisational aims like promotion or marketing. Alternately, you might find satisfaction in artistic careers where you may perform on stage and happily enjoy the applause.

Welcome to your world of Performers

By nature, performers like you are capable of understanding the needs of the moment and are smart to adapt to changing situations. Performers like you look at life like a playground in which you enjoy playing games. Your focus is to enjoy life by staying a step ahead of others, just like any sport. Performers like you have an easy going as well as open-minded attitude. Your core competence lies in sensing the needs of the moment and quickly lookout for workable compromises. You are extremely confident, gregarious and would remain an optimist even under adverse situations.

Services Selection Board (SSB) recommends candidates based on their suitability to undergo military training for becoming a commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. Performers like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Basic personality of a Performer

As a friend, performers exhibit a charming and infectious enthusiasm to their group. However, at times you can also be quite straightforward and assertive. Performers like you enjoy the company of people who share your interests. You would get along with people who are adventurous and have a sense of fun. Performers like you cultivate a large and diverse group of friends. You have extraordinary amount of energy and ready to start any activity at a very short notice.

In social surroundings, performers are generally seen to be friendly, talkative, witty making them charming personalities. Your outgoing attitude would attract a wide circle of friends and admirers. Performers like you are enthusiastic and would turn almost any activity to a fun filled game. At times, you are capable of being quite blunt and straight forward with almost anyone.

Initial years of a Performer

As a learner, performers like you like to learn in an exciting environment with a wide range of activities. You are adept with using simple logic to deal with real world concrete problems. You would want to get to the crux of the issue quickly and get going with the next activity. Generally, you have a capacity for remembering lots of facts and figures.

As a student, your teachers will find you to be quite restless and unable to sit still for long periods of time. You would keep yourself active by interacting with other students and by solving questions. Performers like you actually love to work under pressure and enjoy completing assignments just in time. You expect your teacher to provide clear guidelines at each and every step.

Working style of Performers

At work, performers like you have just one priority and that is all about getting the work done. Nothing else is more important than getting the job done fast at an acceptable level. You would consider even your job as a game in which you wish to play with zest. Performers like you look forward to perform adventurous and exciting activities. This is particularly true of activities which involve bodily movements using your sense organs.

In your place of work, performers like you would wish to deal only with practical things that are useful in daily living. You hate dealing with emotional issues or fanciful theories. In fact, you do not even believe in spending much time on data analysis. In your opinion, too much of analysis slows down your pace of work. You are extremely confident about handling any issue and thrive on solving crisis situations. Performers like you like to be in the limelight and expect recognition for successful task completion. Being resourceful and results oriented makes you an asset for any organisation.

As an employee, performers like you readily take on tasks which others might consider difficult or even impossible. In other words, you are a go-getter and ready to handle any eventuality at short notice. The cold fact is that you welcome chaos and enjoy a competitive environment. Performers like you take on many projects simultaneously and are on the lookout for more such adventures.

As a boss, your core competence lies in persuading people to take on challenging tasks and drive them to success. Performers like you may be seen as being impulsive, impatient and unpredictable by your subordinates. By the time you become a leader, you would have developed your own expertise in dealing with conflict situations. Performers like you are experts in creating an ambitious and charged up atmosphere.

Career Preferences of Performers

Preferred careers for performers are those which involve human interaction and smart negotiations. Marketing and promotional activities would be your cup of tea. Performers like you would be happy in delivering presentations and convincing others. You would also like careers which involve stage presentations in the field of theatre or in media. The bottom line is that you love to have an audience and are happy to serve your audience with whatever they desire.

Do you feel that your Personality matches the description of a Performer?

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