Personality Type – Operator

Operators like you have an interest in building or realistic careers where you can operate machines and lead an outdoor life. Alternately, you may like artistic careers where you have the freedom to express your thoughts in an artistic manner.

Welcome to your world of Operators

By nature, operators like you are absolutely practical and would like to deal with material things like machines. Your personality profile indicates that you would like to live for the moment and wish to enjoy life. Operators like you have an inborn capability to maneuver or use tools and instruments effectively. You also have artistic talents that enable you to pursue artistic activities like composing a poem. Being athletic, you would also do quite well in the field of sports and other athletic activities.

Services Selection Board (SSB) recommends candidates based on their suitability to undergo military training for becoming a commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. Operators like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Basic personality of an Operator

As a friend, operators like you would be quite popular due to your easy-going and gifted personality traits. Naturally, you would win a lot of admirers, although you may not keep in touch with them on a regular basis. You are gentle, caring, sensitive and appreciate simple things in life. Basically, you would be known to your friends as a person with an easygoing and likeable attitude.

In social surroundings, operators like you prefer to remain in the background as a quiet onlooker. In most of the circumstances, you would choose to stand back and observe with the utmost curiosity. Your core competence lies in handling machines and do not intend to get entangled in discussing social issues.

Initial years of an Operator

As a learner, operators like you like to understand through practical experience and experimentation. Your interest areas would include those with practical relevance and immediate benefit. More importantly, operators like you would put your learning to practical applications as soon as possible. Normally, you dislike ambiguity and prefer to skip unnecessary details.

As a student, operators like you would prefer to carry out repeated practice with need clear guidelines in order to understand any concept. The role of teachers is quite important for your personality type, since you may have difficulty in organising your learning. Your life at school would be exciting if you are provided opportunities to take on a wide range of activities. In your school days, you may have a bit of friction with your teachers as you have a tendency to take criticism personally.

Working style of Operators

At work, operators like you would display your inherent ability to work with machines and quickly learn to operate almost all types of mechanical things. You believe that completing the work at hand is more important than analysis or procedures. Getting quick results would be your sole focus and would do whatever it takes to achieve tangible results.

In your place of work, operators like you would skillfully carry out precision activities like performing a surgery. You are also adept at aesthetic activities which do not require being in the limelight. Examples of such activities are creating a music composition or being a lyricist. You would be very happy doing outdoor activities requiring skillful maneuvers.

As an employee, operators like you would be highly skilled with your hands and spend a lot of energy on skill based activities. Normally you hate routine desk jobs and enjoy solving challenging problems concerning material things. You would be able to retain your focus if you are allowed to work without distractions. You would like to be independent to take on adventurous activities.

As a boss, operators would remain calm and cool during crisis situations. Operators like you would remain dispassionate towards almost all events. You would be an unassuming boss and speak cautiously to your subordinates. You have high standards of perfection and expect your subordinates to be self motivated. As a boss, you would look forward to maintaining a harmonious environment in the work place.

Career Preferences of Operators

Preferred careers for operators like you are those which requires dexterity or the ability to be precise with your hands. Operating machines is your forte and can excel in careers requiring dexterity like a dentist. Alternately, operators like you are also well suited for outdoor careers like being a wild life photographer.

Do you feel that your Personality matches the description of an Operator?

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