Personality Type – Inspector

Inspectors like you have an interest in conventional careers which involve methodical working style and accuracy. Alternately, you may also be suitable for investigative careers in which you would be required to analyse data and spot discrepancies.

Welcome to your world of Inspectors

By nature, inspectors like you are of the firm opinion that every person should be doing just whatever is expected to the utmost perfection. Inspectors like you are extremely law abiding citizens with high levels of social concern. Inspectors are highly responsible and believe in honouring your word in all circumstances. Therefore, you are very dependable and would be a huge asset to any organisation.

Services Selection Board (SSB) recommends candidates based on their suitability to undergo military training for becoming a commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. Inspectors like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Basic personality of an Inspector

As a friend, inspectors like you would be quite modest and unassuming at all times. Your would be a loyal friend and expect the same in return from others. Being extremely practical and pragmatic, you are quite averse to adopting unchartered routes. Inspectors like you prefer to follow well established working methods to accomplish any task. Family as well as organisational traditions are very important and would try to keep traditions alive.

In social surroundings, inspectors value loyalty more than anything else and would go to any extent to be helpful. Inspectors like you are down to earth and practical in approach. As far as possible, you would reserve your feelings to avoid displeasing others. Normally, inspectors like you underestimate your achievements and avoid blowing your own trumpet.

Initial years of Inspectors

As a learner, inspectors like you prefer a structured and orderly learning environment. Learning in a methodical and step by step approach would have been your style during your school days. Abstract theories or philosophies does not appeal to you and would rather focus on knowledge that has practical applications. It is difficult for you to accept new facts without sufficient proof which makes your teacher’s role very important in your learning process.

As a student, inspectors are more receptive to traditional methods of teaching rather than exploring experimental methods. You like to be provided with clear guidelines as to what is expected at the end of the learning process. Before commencement of any new assignment, inspectors like you would require clarity on the various steps required in order to complete the assignment.

Working style of Inspectors

At work, inspectors like you would prefer working towards clearly defined goals. You would prefer detailed guidelines as well as clarity on your organisational expectations. In your opinion all actions have to be pre-meditated and clearly thought over. You like to prepare in advance and dislike situations where you have to ‘think on your feet. Generally, you dislike participating in situations with a strong emotional or interpersonal content.

In your place of work, inspectors would display a high sense of duty while being sensitive and considerate to other’s feelings. Being highly conscientious and self motivated, you would like to work only in a predictable environment. More than anything else, your organisation should be able to provide you with a sense of identity and security. Generally, you are punctual as well as orderly, hence dislike anyone who is disorganized or idles away their time.

As an employee, inspectors like you dislike too much of freedom and prefer clear directions from your superiors. You would like to work alone without distractions. In fact, you are capable of retaining your focus for long periods. By nature, you have a tendency to retain facts and figures quite accurately. Perfection is your watch word and would pay meticulous attention to details. Opinions are slow to come from you, since you would like take a bit of time to think before offering your advice.

As a boss, inspectors would be consistent and patient to see results. You believe that only and methodical and a hard work would deliver results at the work place. You have a keen sense of observation about material things as well as your social surroundings. Basically, you have a strong need to get a feeling of security. Inspectors like you find security in preserving and insuring all material things.

Career preferences of Inspectors

Preferred careers for inspectors include those involving inspection and maintenance of products, accounts or services. Inspectors like you firmly believe that optimum performance could be achieved only by close inspection. Inspectors like you would closely evaluate everything including activities of others and generate reports for authorities. You would be perfectly suited in careers which require methodical repetition of procedures.

Do you feel that your personality matches that of an Inspector?

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