Personality Type – Counsellor

Counsellors like you have an interest in social careers which are helpful to people in their time of need. You may also choose artistic careers which would provide a lot of creative independence.

Welcome to your world of Counsellors

By nature, counsellors like you believe that ensuring cordial relations with all your fellow beings is the highest priority in one’s life. Your personality profile indicates that you are a strong believer in harmonious living conditions. In your day to day life, counsellors like you would be quite reserved as well as compassionate towards others. Although you appear to be gentle and calm, counsellors like you are a highly sensitive human beings.

Services Selection Board (SSB) recommends candidates based on their suitability to undergo military training for becoming a commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. Counsellors like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Basic personality of a Counsellor

As a friend, counsellors like you place the highest value to integrity and dependability. This enables counsellors like you to forge deep relationships with your friends. Amongst all the types of personalities, counsellors like you would be the most devoted to your friendship. Your commitment to others is very deep, which can be recalled as an inspiration to others.

In social surroundings, counsellors like you display strong core values and beliefs. In fact, you would defend your values and high ideas with single-minded zeal. In other words, you are loyal and deeply committed to your ideals and inspirations. This makes you one of a kind. Therefore you are likely to have a small circle of likeminded people in your social circle. You have idealistic as well as visionary ideas about future and expect the same perfectionism from your social circle.

Initial years of Counsellors

As a learner, counsellors like you are interested in exploring abstract theories and concepts. You would like to be in a learning environment where your creativity and inspiration are not constrained. You like to have freedom to generate new ideas and think peacefully in isolation. You would normally prefer to work in a quiet and organised space with deep concentration. Command over language is your strong point and possess eloquent writing skills. Therefore, you would prefer to express yourself through written language rather than spoken words.

As a student, counsellors like you would find difficulty in accepting what is told and would end up questioning the logic behind even the basic assumptions. You would like to be clear about the learning objectives and would introspect the outcome after every session. Counsellors like you work towards long term learning objectives rather than marks or grades. In general, you wish to have total control over your learning process. Counsellors like you prefer to acquire theoretical knowledge and are inclines towards conceptual subjects.

Working style of Counsellors

At work, you’d like to explore interesting and abstract ideas, although they may not seem relevant to others. Counsellors like you are capable of working very patiently on complex and abstract concepts. You have a special ability to deal with people in a sensitive manner and an instinct for seeking common ground during disputes. Therefore, counsellors like you are best equipped to handle issues related to human relations or conflict management.

In your work place, counsellors like you are quick to grasp ideas by reading, writing and thinking about them. You need sufficient space to explore yourself and dislike repetition or rigid instructions. Targets and timetables are not suitable to your personality type and you may like to avoid careers with strict targets. Your priority at work is to improve the lives of everyone and facilitate in their personal development. However, you would prefer to focus on individuals one after another rather than addressing large groups of people.

As an employee, counsellors dislike rules, orders, rigid schedules and deadlines dictated by the organisation. Normally, you enjoy generating new ideas and like to see new patterns emerge by linking those ideas together. Highly competitive environments do not suit your personality profile and you like to chart your own path. You would like to be left alone to progress with your task without interruptions.

As a boss, counsellors like you have a rich imagination and are highly creative. You are open to original ideas and tend to analyse those ideas threadbare before arriving at conclusions. Your subordinates may see you as a bit indecisive since you may have difficulty in articulating your thoughts in their understandable language. You expect your team to appreciate your dreams and may become disillusioned if your values are not appreciated.

Career Preferences of Counsellors

Preferred careers for counsellors could be found in the field of human resource development and early education. Careers requiring empathy, like counseling and treatment of mind related issues, may be suitable for your personality profile. Counsellors like you are gifted with a poetic fluency of expression, which is helpful in resolving interpersonal conflicts. Fields which requires vivid imagination and expression like poetry, story writing may require people of your caliber.

Do you feel that your Personality matches the description of a Counsellor?

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