Personality Type – Architect

Architects like you have an interest in investigative careers that require a questioning attitude and high levels of curiosity. You may also find happiness in realistic careers where you are required to build or produce innovative products.

Welcome to your world of Architects

By nature, architects like you believe in reasoning out and provide solutions to complicated systemic problems. Architects are interested in probing or analysing established procedures with an aim of improving the system. You are convinced that every process or system can be improved further. You’re a long-term strategist and a problem solver. Architects like you are contemplative and a logical thinkers who tends to question almost everything.

Services Selection Board (SSB) recommends candidates based on their suitability to undergo military training for becoming a commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. Architects like you also stand an equal chance of recommendation, if you highlight your strengths during your SSB Interview. However, you should understand your own self and assess your own suitability for an career in the Army, Navy or the Airforce.

Basic personality of an Architect

As a friend, architects may be seen as being aloof because you are often absorbed in your own thoughts and interests. At times, you may feel drained out due to excessive contact with others. While interacting you would prefer to do so in a calm and conflict free environment.

In social surroundings, architects like you would like to debate on intellectual concepts but may not be interested in small talk which you consider as inconsequential matters. You have an in built ability to be precise during discussions and tend to be articulate only on serious issues. You are basically quite intellectual in outlook and enjoy exchanging ideas with like minded people. I should say that social chit chat comes very low in the priority list of architects.

Initial years of Architects

As a learner, architects like you would focus your energy on important issues to actively seek better understanding. You are motivated by the need for competence and expertise in specific fields. Generally, you would like to analyse problems but dislike memorising facts or perform repetitive jobs. Architects like you enjoy developing complex systems and conceptual models.

As a student, architects like to study in an orderly and self paced manner driven by a desire to understand concepts. You may ask a lot of questions in the classroom and would not be ready to easily accept your teacher’s authority. Architects prefer an intellectually stimulating learning environment where open debates are encouraged. You may have difficulty in performing repetitive exercises or when asked to follow specific instructions.

Working style of Architects

At work, maximizing the efficiency of systems by deep analysis is your natural work preference. In other words, you are always on the lookout for problem areas in any system and keen to solve them. Architects like you are curious and ready to experiment and find better solutions. Your inquisitive attitude would enable you to take up careers in research related activities.

In your work place, architects have an inbuilt strategic intelligence, more in terms of data processing and working of machinery. More than interacting with people you would like to work with systems and its associated technology. You firmly believe that procedures are made only to work efficiently and needs change if they do not serve the intended purpose. Most of the people would not be able to understand your thought process and hence would not credit you for your exemplary work.

As an employee, architects have an inbuilt ability to think rationally and find at the most effective manner of carrying out any task. However, you would prefer that someone else takes on the task of co-ordination and implementation of your ideas. It can be said that you have a strong need for independence and autonomy. Architects like you are always on the lookout for potential crisis and establish structures to prevent them. Being reserved and highly independent makes you best suited to handle competition in your own way.

As a boss, architects like you are highly innovative and would like to do things on your own special way. Even as a boss, you are always on a path of continuous improvement both for your sake as well as for your team. More often than not, you would have many projects going on simultaneously and are always on the lookout for newer projects.

Career Preferences of Architects

Preferred careers for architects are those in research involving deep analysis. You could be brilliant and have a strong grasp of fundamental concepts. Careers in an intellectually challenging environment would be best suited for your personality profile where you would be quick to understand and respond to new ideas. You believe in working in a logical and systematic way to develop innovative solutions to problems.

Architect – Understand your Career in the Defence Forces

Suitability for Military Career

The personality profile of architects are suitable for a career in the defence forces in many aspects. Architects are excellent planners and can think of war plans like a game of chess. You would be able to anticipate every move of the enemy and prepare to checkmate over the long term. This makes you quite useful in the higher echelons of defence management.

Architects are long term problem solvers and are addicted to solving problems on a permanent basis by changing archaic processes. The best officers to create and review standard operating procedures of military management are architects. In fact, senior officers would love to have you as their advisor and planner.

Planners like you view issues from different perspectives and try to get to the root of the problem. Detailed planning of architects, would ensure that adversaries are taken by surprise at a strategic or long-term level. These qualities of architects would make you quite suited for a career in the defence forces.

Challenges in Military Career

Architects like you would also end up facing quite a few challenges in your military career due to your inbuilt personality. First and foremost, personality of architects is more suited for planning rather than action oriented careers. As young officers, you would be expected to take action on an act-react basis rather than contemplating or thinking. This could be your first challenge in your military career.

During your training stage, you would find difficulty in accepting your trainer’s word like gospel fact and abide to those instructions. Basically architects like to research and understand the underlying concept before taking action. This quality would not be really helpful in military training, where you would be expected to learn within a short period of time.

Your personality profile is not suited for small talk and hanging around with fellow officers and soldiers unless there is a reason to do so. At times, this quality of your personality would be viewed as being aloof and not being part of the group by those who do not understand your personality profile.

As you can see, although there are a few qualities which would be helpful in your career as an officer in the armed forces, you need to overcome a few challenges, to have a smooth career in the defence forces.

SSB Recommendation – Architect

In order to get recommended by SSB, you should understand the military training requirements as well as your personality profile. Thereafter, you need to prove to the selectors that you can live up to the required standards of military training.

Recommendation by the Services Selection Board (SSB) is a combination of two factors. The first one is by highlighting your strengths and achievements. The second one is your ability to understand your weak points and manage to keep those under control.

Assessors at the SSB expect you to be aware of your weak areas and the efforts you have taken to overcome them. For a Group Testing Officer, Psychologist or an Interviewing Officer just means that although you have some negative qualities, you are aware of them and have the ability to keep them under control.

Do you feel that your personality matches that of a Architect?

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