AFSB SSB – Personality Improvement Tips

When we talk of personality of an individual, we have to admit that there is no such thing as a perfect personality profile or a totally imperfect personality. Every person in the world has some good qualities as well as a few drawbacks. However, you can say that, defence officers are both effective in their duties as well as friendly with each other, and have a ‘Balanced Personality’.

Balanced Personality Profile

A balanced personality is the mental equivalent of a “physically healthy person”. When we refer to a person as physically healthy, we do not just mean someone who is free from disease or deformity. Do we not expect something more from a Physically Healthy person.

We can call a person as physically healthy, only if he or she is able to easily undertake a bit of physical activity. For example, a physically healthy person should be able to perform a decent level of physical activity, like running or jumping, in addition to being free from illness.

A balanced personality is the mental equivalent of being physically healthy. Balanced personality does not just stop at an absence of negative qualities, like being a compulsive liar or criminal behaviour. You have to compliment absence of negativity, with a few positive qualities.

Positive qualities in a person could mean someone who is motivated to do something worthwhile in their life. Balanced persons also look forward to having rewarding social relationship with others. Normally, a balanced person would be able to get along with almost all types of people, and handle most of the situations effectively.

Personality Development

You should understand that you cannot project a recommendable personality profile, if you do not have one. Therefore it is important that you improve your personality by following these tips.

  • Keep yourself physically fit by regular exercise.
  • Improve mental strength by activities like meditation.
  • Improve your academic knowledge by learning concepts over and above your syllabus.
  • Learn to deal with groups of people by participating in team sports.
  • Keep abreast of general knowledge, by reading, analysing and discussing current affairs with your friends.
  • Leadership qualities can be improved by volunteering for leadership positions like in your school, college or community.
  • Develop a spirit of adventure, by participating in adventure sports or activities.
  • Improve language and public speaking skills by participation in debates and extempore events.
  • Practice time management and punctuality through conscious effort.
  • Improve your organising skills by helping in organising events.

Remember, SSB is not meant to test what you have learnt or have been coached before appearing in the SSB. You need to understand that SSB Interview procedure is designed to understand your personality. So, if you want to get recommended by the SSB, the easiest way is to improve your personality by following my advice.