Lecturette – Introduction

Lecturette is a public speaking task similar to an extempore in which you are not given much time to prepare for your lecture. In the Lecturette, you would be given a lecture card with four topics. You have the freedom to select any one of the four topics from the card. Thereafter, you would be expected to speak on your selected topic for three minutes. In this category, I will share some examples of how a good lecturette would look like.

A preparation time of three minutes would be provided before the speech. Your clarity of thought and power of expression are clearly noticeable in a Lecturette. Since, you have selected the topic by yourself, you are expected to be comfortable in speaking on that topic.

12 Tips for an effective SSB Lecturette

  • Select a decent level topic
  • Ensure you have adequate knowledge
  • Decide your main points Approx 3.
  • Introduce your topic background
  • Speak on three points on your topic
  • Conclude by expressing your opinion
  • Don’t deviate from your topic
  • Maintain a positive body language
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Display confidence during speech
  • Smoothly recover if you get stuck
  • Keep a joke or two ready for recovery

If you follow these guidelines, you would be able to project a nice impression about yourself to your group as well as your GTO. That would definitely be helpful in your SSB Recommendation.