GD Topics – Governance and Politics

Prepare for your Group Discussion

Step 1 – Select a Topic
Step 2 – Choose your Lead
Step 3 – Write 5 reasons to support your lead

1. J&K has been divided into union territories of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. In your opinion, what would be the biggest impact of this division?

a. Law and Order
b. Economic Development
c. Local Politics

2. Many states in India have disputes with their neighbours on sharing of river waters. In your opinion, what is the best solution to these disputes?

a. Nationalise River Waters
b. Interlink Rivers
c. Water Sharing Agreements

3. The frequency of disruptions in our parliament and state legislatures have increased considerably. In your opinion, what is the best way to reduce disruptions?

a. Strict Code of Conduct
b. Two Party System
c. Judicial Overview

4. Our government is taking various measures to fight corona virus pandemic. In your opinion, what should be the highest focus of our government?

a. Save Livelihood
b. Universal Vaccination
c. Improve Medical Infrastructure

5. Unique Identification Number or AADHAR has been implemented in India. In your opinion, what has been the major impact of AADHAR?

a. Better Social Schemes
b. Lack of Privacy
c. Reduced Corruption

6. Water bodies are reducing at a rapid pace leading to water scarcity in our cities. In your opinion, what is the main reason for this problem?

a. Rapid Industrialisation
b. Population Explosion
c. Corrupt Local Government

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