Psych Test – Introduction

In the context of the Services Selection Board (SSB) in India, the role of a psychologist is crucial. The psychologist’s primary responsibility is to assess the psychological suitability and compatibility of candidates for a career in the armed forces. Here’s an overview of the psychologist’s role in the SSB:


Psychologists administer a series of standardized psychological tests to evaluate the cognitive abilities, personality traits, aptitude, and psychological attributes of the candidates. These tests aim to assess qualities such as leadership potential, emotional stability, decision-making skills, problem-solving ability, and interpersonal skills.


TAT is a projective test conducted by psychologists to understand a candidate’s thought process, imagination, and their ability to construct a story based on given images. It provides insights into the candidate’s personality, values, motivations, and social skills.

WAT involves presenting candidates with a series of words, and they have to respond quickly with the first word that comes to their mind. This test helps psychologists analyze the candidate’s thought patterns, attitudes, and emotional responses.


The SRT presents candidates with hypothetical situations, and they need to provide written responses indicating their reactions and the course of action they would take. It assesses their problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and judgment under pressure.

Based on the comprehensive evaluation of each candidate’s performance in various tests and exercises, psychologists provide assessment reports and recommendations to the SSB board. These reports contribute to the final decision-making process for candidate selection.

It’s important to note that the psychologist’s role in the SSB is to assess the psychological suitability of candidates, and their recommendations are one aspect considered among other factors in the selection process. The overall evaluation also includes assessments conducted by other board members, such as the interviewing officer, group testing officer, and the president of the board.