GTO Task – Introduction

In the context of the Services Selection Board (SSB) in India, the GTO (Group Testing Officer) plays a crucial role in the assessment and evaluation of candidates aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces. The GTO assesses the candidates’ suitability for leadership and teamwork through a series of group testing exercises.


The GTO is responsible for conducting a variety of group testing exercises to assess the candidates’ ability to work effectively as part of a team. These exercises include tasks like group discussions, group planning exercises, group obstacle races, progressive group tasks, and half group tasks. He closely observes the candidates’ behaviour and performance during the group testing exercises. They assess the candidates’ leadership potential, ability to influence and motivate team members, decision-making skills, communication skills, and overall effectiveness in leading a group.


The GTO evaluates the candidates’ ability to work collaboratively with others in a team setting. They observe how candidates interact with their team members, how well they listen and contribute to group discussions, and their willingness to support and assist their teammates.

The GTO assesses the candidates’ problem-solving and decision-making abilities by presenting them with challenging tasks and situations. They observe how candidates analyze problems, propose solutions, make decisions, and adapt their strategies based on the changing circumstances during the group exercises.


Based on their observations and assessments, the GTO provides individual feedback to the candidates. They highlight the strengths and areas for improvement, providing valuable insights for the candidates’ self-development. The GTO also participates in the final assessment conference where they discuss the candidates’ performance and provide recommendations for selection or non-selection.

Overall, the GTO plays a significant role in evaluating candidates’ leadership potential, teamwork skills, problem-solving abilities, and decision-making aptitude. Their assessments contribute to the overall evaluation process conducted by the SSB to determine the candidates’ suitability for commissioning as officers in the Indian Armed Forces.